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Sewer & Drain


Serving Sedgwick & Butler Counties

While your water lines are primarily responsible for bringing clean, fresh water into your home, sewer lines move wastewater from your home to a safe place. Like every part of your plumbing system, issues can arise due to clogs, leaks, and even tree roots. If you notice problems with your lines or sewer system, such as drains backing up, call Sunflower right away.

Homes That Need Sewer Repair Often Experience:

  • Decreased water in the toilets - Also watch out for inconsistent water levels. For example, if one day your toilet water is high and the next day it's too low then you should call in our sewer repair experts.

  • Cracks in the foundation - Cracks in your foundation could be a sign that you have a slab leak and need a plumbers attention immediately. These kinds of problems get worse over time so save yourself the hassle and act swiftly.

  • Gurgling noises - If there's a gurgle coming from your toilet while you're using the dishwasher, then air isn't ventilating in your plumbing system and your sewer could be too blame. This is one of the earliest signs of the need a repairs so call in our Wichita sewer repair pros before something bursts.

  • Rising water bills - If your sewer line is cracked and you're losing water then you'll need more water than your actually using. 

  • Slow draining sinks - If you have just one drain that isn't draining properly, then you just need a simple drain cleaning. But if you have multiple slow drains then you most likely need a thorough sewer line cleaning.

  • Water pooling in the yard - If it seems like water is literally coming up from underground, then it probably is your sewer line that has burst. Look out for an abundance of insects or furry critters that might be attracted to your sewer water.

We Have the Skill & Experience to Get the Job Done Right

Only a professional should address any issues with your sewer line. Sewer problems not only affect your property but your health as well. At Sunflower Services, our plumbers have the skill and experience to provide complete sewer services to properties in the area.



Expert Drain Services in Sedgwick & Butler Counties

Your drains are a critical component of your home’s plumbing system, moving water where it is needed and taking waste safely away from the house. At Sunflower Services, we offer complete drain services for homes in the area. We offer free, in-person estimates so that you always know what to expect and are committed to providing a superior level of customer service.


Clogs are commonly caused by:

Invest in Proper Drain Maintenance

After you’ve had to call our Wichita drain service plumbers to perform a thorough cleaning, you may be wondering, “How can I prevent a clog in the future?” At Sunflower Services, we proudly manufacture Total-C, a drain maintenance product used to help prevent clog formation. While this product does not work to unclog your drain, it is a solution used to help prevent the build up of soap, grease, hair, and any other substance that leaves residue that builds up over time.

Total-C contains all-natural sludge eating bacteria, active enzymes, and citrus liquefiers which help keep your drains flowing properly and smelling fresh as well. These ingredients are not only safe on your pipes, but they’re also environmentally safe.

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Licensed & Insured

Our experienced team includes master & journeyman plumbers, an electrician, licensed septic installers, and a master drain layer all properly licensed & ready to serve you.

Family Owned & Operated

We are run by 5th generation El Dorado residents who are invested in our community, business, and the integral parts of our day-to-day operations.

Preventative Maintenance

Our Advantage Program members enjoy peace of mind, exclusive discounts, and complimentary annual plumbing inspections.

100% Satisfaction

We stand behind every service, and guarantee that you'll be 100% satisfied with our work every time.

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